Tora Jutsu

Tora Jutsu is a traditional martial art founded by Sifu Shen Shang Yun and Soke Isamu Tonaka.
Tora Jutsu's style is generated from strategy, movement, joint-locking, pinning, kicking, and striking techniques that are trained in such a way anyone can learn it. Training stresses important principles and philosophies that make for effective and peace keeping martial artists.  It also promotes mutual cooperation, awareness of others and the coordination of the body's movement with a calm state of mind. Aside from its utility as a method of self-defense, Tora Jutsu also stresses the perfection and development of character. It also aids in development of positive human qualities such as compassion, courage, self control, focus, endurance and inner strength. In this spirit, Tora Jutsu training is undertaken to improve the individual and society.  Our school is a member of the Kokusai Tora Jutsu Kyokai, the International Tora Jutsu Federation; which is led by Akai Tora Sensei, our current Grandmaster.

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